Ice apprentice

Six days with Wim Hof

  • author: Hana Moravčíková
  • language: english
  • training with Wim Hof
  • own experience
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Seeking strength, health and happiness with the holder of 26 World Records

Hana Moravčíková

was trained as a literary critic and translator, and works as a journalist within the field of health and fitness. In her first book, she recounts a new approach to the cold, based on her recent personal experience of the intensive Wim Hof Method training program in Poland. Revolutionary yet easy to practice, she discovers that all one needs to benefit from the Wim Hof Method is to have fun in cold water, and breathe deeply. How? Turn to page one…

Wim Hof

“Our autonomous nervous system is in our own hands. We can influence it, we can use it to our advantage, we can fight diseases with it.” Years of scientific research have confirmed Hof´s claims. Touring the world to spread the word, in the last five years Hof has become the missionary of a method that helps people to find health, strength and mental peace. His captivating personality attracts more people to his courses every year, to Przesieka (Poland) and wherever the Method is being taught. Join the story in the peaceful Polish wilderness, to find out what they discovered, achieved, and learnt, within just six days.

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